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Malcolm X was assassinated 58 years ago today. This remains as one of my favorite pieces of wisdom he shared. And now, they're making it illegal to even claim the knife is there.

"If you stick a knife in my back nine inches and pull it out six inches, there's no progress. If you pull it all the way out that's not progress. Progress is healing the wound that the blow made. And they haven't even pulled the knife out much less heal the wound. They won't even admit the knife is there." — Malcolm X

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Ahhh I get to talk about this now! I worked with the delightful people at to design a series of distributed systems challenges using Maelstrom, a tool for teaching and learning distributed algorithms. They range from quick and simple echo servers to "implement your own transaction system based on the paper of your choice". Excited to see what folks come up with! 🤗

I am currently having the fun of my current shell and tmux not playing nicely together after a recent patch

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Customer's project analysis: "A 3-node cluster is not possible because of network limitations (an ethernet cable only has two ends!)"

Long story short: To prove a point, I built a twisted-pair Ethernet "cable" with 3 ends. I've only gotten it to work with 10BASE-T and autonegotiation disabled though.

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Dear queers

No matter what you do

No matter how creative you are

No matter how hard you work

There is a straight boy following you around with a giant fucking eraser, ready to tell everyone how he did what you did "first"

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Early in my career I worked five days a week in an office. After a while I moved to a place that did a day a week from home. Then I went to a place that was office optional. I’ve been working full remote for so long now that I cannot imagine working full time in an office anymore.

It’s to the point where on the few days where I do go into an office I write the entire day off for directly productive work. For me offices are for meeting with colleagues, not getting anything done.


Made a pasta bake today and it came out perfectly

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There's a layer of irony here though: certain education systems are hell-bent on producing human AIs. Schools focusing on rote memorization and solving cookie cutter problems are basically aiming for the same thing: mindless drones that can do what they've been trained to do, but nothing novel.

I remember I was one of like 3 people who solved the last problem in a Physics I final, out of 100+ students. It wasn't a hard problem at all, it was simply a slight twist on a problem we'd all solved before. You could solve it by just plugging in another equation and doing simple algebra.

But that twist was something we hadn't seen before, and it threw most people off because they'd been trained to expect the same problems they'd seen before. Like all they have is a lookup table in their heads of problems and solutions.

Maybe instead of all the hype over how smart AI looks we should start focusing on not dumbing down actual humans first. *We* can do a lot better.

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I know an old punk
whose pierced nose
remains hidden
behind the N95 mask
he dutifully wears
and when I ask him
if he still wears it
because his aesthetic
has never cared for norms
he replies that he wears it
because nothing is more punk
than giving a shit
about other people.

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@doot OMG I am having flashbacks to the 1969 Easter Mass Incident.

(Mind the content warnings, and also try to avoid drinking anything as you read this. I speak from experience.)

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Stop saying "problematic" when you mean "racist"

Stop saying "problematic" when you mean "abusive"

Stop saying "problematic" when you mean "they are a rapist"

Stop minimising the harm of bad actors.

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I was gonna write another update on this post but I can't be arsed.

I don't care if I upset the JS world because I wasn't writing it for them and I certainly don't need their approval.

What I do care about is very talented people thinking they are “behind", which affects them personally. If they can see that the gobshites on Twitter are actually chatting shit and that makes them feel better, I've achieved what I need to achieve.

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job search, please share 

Hey y'all, I'm a systems software developer with 5+ years of experience and based in Seattle (PST, or GMT-8), looking to come back into the industry after too damn long out of it. I'm looking for a remote SRE gig somewhere trans-friendly. Are you perhaps looking for talent, or would know of somewhere like that that is?

My resume is at

I'd also really appreciate if you boost this and spread it around. Thanks :)

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My visceral hatred of “ #AI” is also related to this since what these statistical models we have today are doing is extract (unpaid and underpaid) human labor and hide it entirely from the consuming side. They abstract human creative work into a resource that just magically comes out a pipe.

“AI” in its current form is a deeply capitalist technology and needs to be opposed.

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TLDR: I’m limiting (followers-only) for now. In the coming weeks, I and several admins plan to escalate this to a full suspension. Consider migrating if you find the suspensions, and our reasons for them, concerning.

r000t (,, has been working on a full-text search engine for Fedi for a while:

Claims to rotate addresses and avoid announcing its presence while claiming that this is protecting user safety somehow.
Claims that the hourly VPS providers are the top 3 ones used by Mastodon instances, preventing rangebans.
Teasing a search engine in November with the intention to “specifically bypass all attempts to block it” while branding this as something good for user safety.
Makes fun of people concerned about such a scraper by comparing them to a Kiwi Farms victim.

And now:

r000t released as:Public, a full-text non-consensual block-evading search engine for Fedi, after threatening mass violence just days earlier. Previous hint. Went on a bender of threats, slurs, threatening animal cruelty, and eventually posting unmarked gore in an attempt to gain mod attention. See the archived profile for r000t @ when federated to (CW: NSFL gore). This all happened shortly after admitting to stealing cryptocurrency.

All that did was limit r000t’s account with a possibility of un-limiting it soon. A mod admitted to receiving several reports against r000t but dismissed them as “fediblock nonsense” while voicing support for this non-consensual engine.

If we assume honesty, then what r000t said about concealing the collector in November would still check out judging by this post made during its release. Also note that the engine does not depend on federation. It uses the streaming API of servers you federate with: as long as you federate with at least one server that the collector is fetching from that has the streaming API enabled, your instance’s posts that federate there can be indexed.

The opt-out mechanism might change; r000t has teased making the opt-out mechanism dependent on federating with

Unrelated to this fiasco, some more gems I stumbled upon:

Brags about bypassing authorized fetch.
Comparing excluding gender non-conforming members of PolyMC to moderating nazis.
threatening legal action against blocklists.
bragging about getting away with death threats.

Given the lack of action taken by, despite reports: I no longer trust its staff to lead a safe community. I’ve set to followers-only for now. In a few weeks, I and several other admins plan to escalate this to suspension. If you’re on, and find this concerning: consider whether this warrants finding a new instance.

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Tomorrow's vigil smacks of the sort of thing which will be crawling with pigs who are eager for a fight, so please familiarise yourself with your rights and this constructive advice from Green and Black Cross if you're going.

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"Trust no one" is what those people fucking want, and that's part of why they do that infiltrate-y bullshit.

But actually caring about the things we purport to care about takes work, so I guess it's easier to fall apart instead. /s

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