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anti-Linux rant, fascism, racism, homomisia, misoginy, you know, just tech culture 

was showing a poor darling yesterday how #Debian, along with most distros, distributes literal databases of racist, homophobic and misogynistic jokes, as in you can run an 'apt install' and get a literal file "racism.dat". and how the documentation implies that the packagers choose not to remove these jokes because to do that would be "act the censor", which is literally as bad as providing people with databases of literal racism. also how the docs imply "misandry" to be as bad as misoginy, and things like quoting a politician or criticising a religion to be in the same category as these other things, viz., silly nonsense that snowflakes find "offensive". also how the package description tells you that you shouldn't install the package if you're "easily offended".

also the nazi easter egg in toilet-fonts, left by a veteran channer of a famous troll group named after slurs, who afaict never apologised or expressed any regret or ackowledgement for the stuff he did there.

gods how I hate Linux and FOSS bro culture. a culture which will provide you with a collection of homomisic quotes, but no collection of supportive, self-care, or emancipatory quotes. a culture which finds it fun to hide an easter egg where you computer will yell slurs at you if you mistype a password, but no options where your computer will be kind or gentle if you mistype a password. a culture where enabling capitalists to accrue wealth from collective labour is 'freedom', where spending equipment and resources to facilitate quoting misoginy is :freezePeach:​ , a culture where 'bastard' is a badge of pride for admins, a culture where not hosting nazism in your servers is being the ~real~ nazis

@AgathaSorceress I am seriously considering getting laptop case shell things purely to be able to have enough sticker space

@aphyr the UK one has some problematic bits in it from memory, but would recommend watching as from what I have heard it is a very accurate portrayal of the late 90s Manchester gay scene

@charlotte @miramira hmm true, you could maybe just use sections of the entirety to cut into/out of other mashes

@charlotte just thought of another: Mira - Make that skirt go spinny

@spacekookie this would be interesting, I have had to read several RFCs for various projects and they are always odd to process

@maia @charlotte I really enjoy server side webdev but struggle with design stuff

@charlotte it’s also full of people new to Basingstoke going “why is it so dead?”

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