@emilyst I can understand this, running my own instance just feels a bit broken and like I am only getting W partial experience, also the move from one instance to another I lost people I was following but kept the ones following me, many of which are dead accounts


@julialuna also all the posters are (or at least used to be) incredibly racist. The “suspicious person” for _some unknowable reason_ was never white…


@julialuna this is now going to play in my head every time one of those brainworm announcements happens

@zkat assuming any lang, I would be doing initial build in rails and therefore reach for devise as the auth library

@julialuna was it actually food from elsewhere that the British stole and claimed as their own?

capitalism, ethics of jobs 

@spacekookie also let’s be fair, if an individual is getting roles in FAANG/mil contractors, they are likely able to get roles at many non ethically compromised companies, but aren’t willing to compromise on money

@aphyr even better, it uses a pain scale to hunt at them “I have some information for you but it is an 8/10. Do you accept this knowledge?”

@aphyr this was an amazing read this morning, thank you so much for your hard work on it

eupol, uspol 

@Stoori I had not heard about any of this before seeing this post

@spacekookie when I used it before, I found hex/mix really nice for package management for the application

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