@emilyst bonus points if the dynamic assigning ip thing has decided that the network only has 4 ips to share. Saw that happen once when a router was dying

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ProTip: Use wooden clothespins if you need to elevate a board for soldering. Unlike metal or even dense plastic, they don't wick away heat as easily so you don't need to keep the soldering iron tip on the components as long

@pixelpaperyarn this way you can treat each element as a closed box that you do not need to know the internals of as long as they match expectations, allowing gradual replacement with new elements

@pixelpaperyarn My thought on things like this is a lot of is by defining “APIs” as much as possible. By ensuring you can make sure data travels through the application in clearly specified ways it will allow incremental changes as long as you ensure the data “signatures” (not sure if right word) stay the same.

Finally set up an irc setup that I seem to like for the first time in what seems like forever. now just to find channels to lurk in

@adia Thanks for this recommendation, trying it out now and it seems good

@aphyr fair. My main issue these days is that I want a way to check for messages sent while offline and was wondering what the current approach to that was

@aphyr I used to use irc a while ago, what tools would you recommend using these days to get a good UX from it (was thinking about going back to it)

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@zkat this was apparently mine, think it was an Xmas present for a family member

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I saw this and now I want to mess about with this as a concept

Imagine if the more you built up an area in a strategy game the more it altered time

So you have to distribute your factories as centralising them causes time to slow down

And it’s you end up with forever war battles as if you commit more and more to a battle it gets slower, but if you stop you will lose unless the enemy also slows

@zkat I know enough css to fix a bug in how it’s displaying but not to write from scratch

@CyclopsCaveman I remember reading this article last year and it was fascinating

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