@AgathaSorceress I think it’s partly from the server perspective as most people I know run the servers on Linux boxes

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please tell me about things that actually have broad appeal and aren't for computer nerds thank you
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@charlotte tar for packaging files together into easily shareable packages?

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once again thinking about how steam was basically electron before electron existed

to be fair it was (and still kinda is) less responsive than most electron apps

@AgathaSorceress my main other uses with it are to search for libraries (via !gem !npm or !cargo depending on which language I am using) so it still works for me even though a large amount are !g calls

@charlotte what software would you recommend for music production these days, thinking of trying to get back into it after a too many year gap

how to know you've spent too much time around black metal 

@ln this but for industrial bands too


@AgathaSorceress is it worth investing in a few laptop shells so you can swap sticker setups depending on the mood of the day

@AgathaSorceress if their name sounds like a side character in an epic fantasy novel they are going to be a nightmare

re: food, not serious 

@maia @AgathaSorceress toaster helps compress tallness

computer personal experiences 

@AgathaSorceress when I got it installed it was fine, first time I tried though I realised I had forgotten to install a terminal emulator and therefore had to start again

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