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@maia so back in college me and my friend made a cocktail that was equal parts spiced rum, gin, red vermouth and white vermouth in equal parts to fill up a shaker. It was vile beyond belief

@maia the pr people probably pointed out he was causing them to haemorrhage customers

@zkat did you have to do anything more than just installing from steam?

@spacekookie @AgathaSorceress well he’s “resigning” but until the ceremonial backstabbing known as the Tory party leadership contest finishes he will still be PM

uk pol 

@charlotte too many people who consider themselves progressives happily punch down at grt due to hearing from a friend how a group <did thing> once and therefore all are evil

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@spacekookie what flavours do you have?

re: Asking for advice, job adjacent, boost 

@zkat @LunaTheMoonGirl sorry I was meaning as a potential platform to use for commissions and showing portfolio, not as an advice source

Asking for advice, job adjacent, boost 

@LunaTheMoonGirl might be worth talking to @zkat as they are working on something to help with this :)

@maia Python with their own way of making sure all the libraries are in sync

@buttplugio not so much walls but a lot of scenery destruction - dark messiah of might and magic

@aphyr I thought this was alone of those fake company pride logos

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@aphyr I saw some images of one of Joyce’s allies calling for sterilisation of trans individuals, and I imagine if you scrape the surface of their arguments it will very rapidly reach white supremacy “degeneracy” and “great replacement” crackpot theories. So I feel Eugenics and Genocide are the correct descriptors in this case and coming up with new definitions is allowing the waters to be muddied so they are not shown the revulsion they deserve.

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@AgathaSorceress gpg is something I want to like but it makes itself so difficult that I can’t

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