re: servers (open nebula adventures) 

@CobaltVelvet as someone that has to use the kube for work, I can understand not wanting to choose it

@aendra been on a Dog Park Dissidents binge yesterday and today

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@isis my brain failed reading this and instead of the sensible thing of “facial tissues” being the pieces of paper to wipe your face it read it as if it were some new kind of next level body modification

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i think i was born on the wrong generation (my blood is full of lead instead of microplastics)

@stavvers I mean if you just want b+w I can probably donate a printer

@mcc I guess it would still protect from 3rd party password breaches or MitM password harvesting, but yeah it’s more 1.5FA


@CobaltVelvet just looked at the 0.11.5->0.11.6 changelog, I think it might be due to changes from using the `dispatchNow()` to `dispatch` in several calls to the optimisation pipeline, I am not familiar with the queuing library used but if it’s similar to sidekiq this would be a change from “run now” to “add to queue and run when next able”

@ariadne this almost looks like a “tear down and start again” would be cheaper to make it liveable

@james this is a mood. For most of my “mid” I was the most senior person at the company

@james how to escalate for help properly. By this I mean having established what the problem they have hit is (and what the problem they are trying to solve is), what they have tried previously and knowing how much time to spend on attempts before asking for help.

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Doing some formalising of some mentorship for web developers, and I would like to ask you:

What are the fundamental concepts and foundational skills (not just technical) that a mid level web developer must understand to be solid in their job?

If it helps, the devs in question work mostly with JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Vue.js

#webdevelopment #vue #mentoring #webdev

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Boost this toot if you quietly say hello to dogs when you see them even if they can't hear you or have a strong fantasy of committing arson against billionaires

@doot pvp twitter mode. Isn’t this what SomethingAwful did?

@qdot you have only just appeared for me with this domain so might be a queue issue

@snipe yeah would keep any “customs fun times” items in a separate import

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