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@julialuna hugely recommend “UGLY DEATH NO REDEMPTION ANGEL CURSE I LOVE YOU” by Ada Rook

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musical nonsense 

@julialuna closest I can think of is probably Ada Rook or LustSickPuppy

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Still sad to have missed #FOSDEM, but all the pictures of packed auditoriums with 5-10% masking were 😰😞

Like, even before COVID we all got con flu so many times. Why wouldn't we deploy technological countermeasures. I don't get it.

I guess people still write security-sensitive software in C, so it makes sense.

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I am just feeling so tired and drained right now, spent a couple of weeks looking forward to something this weekend but now cannot find the motivation to care and trying to find excuses not to go

@aphyr how long between it being spotted and someone asking “can we nuke it”?

I would recommend Ada Rook, and if you enjoy mashups check out bhop_art and nyancrimew on soundcloud

@stavvers my partner didn’t believe me when I said this was possible

@doot it is my favourite tango flavour (best fanta is fruit twist or mysterious Cyrillic blue that I once found)

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it's interesting to me how excited some people on here (and elsewhere) seem to get about a statistical language model that blurts out sometimes-sensical stuff.

it's extra interesting how many of y'all treat it like a toy, as if the whole reason for its existence, and that of its ilk, is wealth transfer straight to the oligarch class.

There's literally jobs going away for many, many people thanks to companies trying to ride the #ChatGPT wave to sell other companies on the idea of having fewer mouths to feed (because humans are an inconvenience).

And honestly, we're just not prepared for it. None of us are, except the oligarchs who will just get richer. So all this to say, I'm kinda grossed out and disappointed when I see yet another techie ooh-ing and aahh-ing about "AI", because they've clearly not thought it through.

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which of the following two options is correct?

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@CobaltVelvet it is unfortunately in many areas the most obvious career path where “affording rent,bills and food while being able to save” is possible

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@BathysphereHat as someone who also relies on a CPAP (was averaging 90+ apneas/hour in the sleep study before I got it) I feel this greatly

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@corpsmoderne @arianvp the abilities of a toddler, the confidence of a mansplainer, the vocabulary of a thesaurus

what could go wrong

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Sad news. We’ve received notice to vacate our premises at Bethnal Green by the end of this week. As a property guardianship, we’ve always been aware that we may be asked to leave with very short notice. We’re disappointed that it has come so soon. ENTER, the creative hub with whom we share our space, have also been asked to leave. We’ll continue to operate in the digital world as we search for a new home.

tech i have to touch due to capitalism 

@julialuna some days ~50% of my time is spent looking up things in there because nothing is documented anywhere

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