@AgathaSorceress it also has some of the most photogenic landscape in the country (after the Isle of Skye) if you manage to catch it when it’s not raining

begpost, please boost 

@maia can’t spare much, but sent some over to help

@zkat mine is dps -> try healer -> dps, but I’m my defence I am still baby potato

@videogame_hacker just have it run from <station near friend group a> to <station near friend group b> in the morning and reverse in the evening

@videogame_hacker genderqueer bi who writes rust and used to play tennis. Close but not close enough

@videogame_hacker no field with name related information (names/emails/even addresses) should be immutable

@videogame_hacker the amount of arguments I have had with people about this is stressful

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the way you validate a real name is no you don't

the way you validate an email address is by sending a Fuckimg email

@julialuna I think this is rapidly becoming the most cursed motherboard

@sugar probably more about tracking you more thoroughly than the site being less functional

nightmares, transphobia 

@AgathaSorceress if this is because of info on your discord profile, if you have nitro you can set per-server user details and therefore hide it before leaving (and to my knowledge the server will persist these details after you leave)

@aphyr just put :upside-down face: by any clauses you find ridiculous for emphasis

@aphyr im guessing it’s like a black pudding but making the mix more liquid than solid

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