one thing that annoys me a lot, not sure if about search engines or myself, is how even though my search engine is set to duckduckgo, i notice that i almost always subconsciously add a `!g` to the query, which means i pretty much use google all the time anyway

i think its mostly because duckduckgo rarely gives me actually relevant search results, or gives me relevant results but all the way at the bottom of first or second page

like, i dont think theres any point in using duckduckgo if i end up adding !g to every search anyway

google has a different problem where sometimes the first results are extremely unhelpful useless seo-optimized autogenerated bullshit, but it still manages to have More Relevant results


@AgathaSorceress my main other uses with it are to search for libraries (via !gem !npm or !cargo depending on which language I am using) so it still works for me even though a large amount are !g calls

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