i would like to turn off my brain, why is j-lo - on the floor ft. pitbull playing inside my head on loop
@maia i swear 2012 french radio would just play that shit on loop almost
@charlotte oh same in switzerland, there is a reason i know all those songs from that time so well (i used to only listen to music on the radio)
@charlotte also on the floor reminds me of the very awkward ""disco"" we did on the last night of our primary school summer camp in our last year of primary school, idk why that evening is like the only thing i have memories of from that era
@maia do u know pussycat dolls or were they Contained to the UK
@charlotte but i know like half the pitbull and flo-rida discographies i guess

@charlotte @maia I will be honest I only know this line from mashups

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