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Brain is trash, yaml is hell, shitposting intensifies

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i think i was born on the wrong generation (my blood is full of lead instead of microplastics)
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Doing some formalising of some mentorship for web developers, and I would like to ask you:

What are the fundamental concepts and foundational skills (not just technical) that a mid level web developer must understand to be solid in their job?

If it helps, the devs in question work mostly with JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Vue.js

#webdevelopment #vue #mentoring #webdev

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Boost this toot if you quietly say hello to dogs when you see them even if they can't hear you or have a strong fantasy of committing arson against billionaires


This year has not been great health wise, migraines have started getting more frequent (had 3 in last quarter up from ~1 a quarter last year). Chest pains to the point that 999 recommended A&E in case it was a heart attack (it turned out to just be a panic attack -> hyperventilating which caused the chest pains to spread). And also diagnosis of type two diabetes. Would like 2023 to stop now

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We are now three years into the shift from office working to hybrid/home-based and the only strategy commercial property developers have is paying for advertorials bleating about how everyone should work in offices rather than idk pivoting their model.

Capitalism is not a driver of innovation, or they'd have fucking innovated.

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Hi folks!

I'm looking for work in digital #accessibility, #UserResearch or DEI consultancy! Based in Sheffield, remote preferred but willing to discuss hybrid

I’m looking for a role that’s people oriented so things like training, talks, workshops; anything where I get to chat to folks about making software more inclusive and accessible. I am also an experienced accessibility tester but don't want that to be the main focus.

In the short term, I am available for doing one off training sessions or talks on accessibility, inclusion and designing for LGBTQ+ folks (see for the kinds of things I like to talk about, happy to create something custom for you)

Best way to contact me is via LinkedIn or DM. Boosts appreciated! #getFediHired

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need a job :retootPlz:​ 

Hi hello I need a new job as I've been without one for a while and it's starting to cause problems and prevent me from doing things I want/need to be able to.

I know D, C# from my previous job, I like to think I'm quite good with Bash in particular, and recently I've started learning Rust and playing with Nix. I've been using Linux for 6-7 years and I've been doing personal sysadmin stuff for 4-5 of those. Also from volunteering I do outside of tech I've got experience in planning and management-adjacent roles.

I'm looking for a fully remote position. This could be in programming (preferably not Windows or web development), perhaps an entry-level Rust position, but also devops and system administration which I've had some interest in for a while. I may also be appropriate for some project management-type roles.

I can provide a CV over DMs on request. I'm trying to find something as soon as possible.

Thank you! #getFediHired

Wow the masto social spammers even managed to find my solo instance

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so i'm getting a flat with my partner

how much are decorative full-size novelty skellingtons

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It's May 1st, Labor Day in many places.

A good day to remember that your employer is not your friend and your interests are almost certainly not aligned. They will drop you as soon as your cost exceeds the profit you generate for them.

Yes, even if you have a "cushy" job right now. That only means that your cost-profit ratio right now is in your favour but that can change very fast. It also serves capitalists to make you think you're different/better than other workers so you don't feel solidarity with them.

(and please don't tell me how *your* company is the exception, it probably isn't anyway)

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@mekkaokereke @Green_Footballs @seldo I spent a lot of my time in my last few years on Twitter hardening my account against hate movements; if I didn't do it actively the service gradually became unusable.

The problem was only partially preventing those people from interacting with me; a lot of it was also preventing them from *seeing* me or my associates.

Mastodon works for me because those people aren't allowed on here and/or aren't generally allowed to federate with my server.

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The Lost Art of Reading The Other Replies to a Post Before Replying

Is there a way to turn a single user instance into one that could accept other users?

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Angry, trans/queer/disabled erasure, hachyderm 

Hey if you're in the hachy discord diverting attention from your instance's problems by attacking someone who's standing up against the shit going on on your instance because he's white and therefore must be suspect and possibly also trans/queerphobic, but conveniently failing to mention the fact that he himself is trans and queer and disabled:

Yeah, you keep solidifying your instance's rep, we're all watching

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Hello everyone I am not a "white man" decrying against a server full of queer and trans people. I am a white TRANS QUEER DISABLED MAN who does not like classism and racism.

Our instance is two trans people running a service for many queer trans people.

Fuck you.

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Introducing Windows for GAMERS !!! Everything will be run as Administrator by default.

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Job search, Development / DevOps, EU :boosts_ok_gay: 

I am officially starting to look for a new position :ablobcathappypaws:

If you have any leads for positions in the EU open for a USian, preferrably Germany, Berlin area or remote, for Rust (or any language really) Development with (optionally) a side of Ops I would love to be directed at them!!

I'm super interested in a bunch of different areas, and wanting to move back into primarily development after a year of mostly Ops / Sysadmin work.

I'll be wrapping up my personal site in the next couple weeks, but want to get looking asap. Thank you! :ablobcatattention:

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