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Brain is trash, yaml is hell, shitposting intensifies

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Just feeling a bit broken right now, no significant event to cause it but just feeling like nothing is good

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I'm still looking for a job. Anybody need a programmer in the San Francisco Bay area? I'm a python programmer with experience in C/C++/Java/JS, I've done a bunch of CI/CD/SRE in the recent years, lots of tooling and back end web dev, and I've got a good deal of amateur experience doing reverse engineering and embedded development.
(I've done devops work but I'm trying to move away from that because too often it turns into just "ops", and I am a programmer.)

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You should NOT be in a leadership role if you’re unable, for whatever reason, to tell folx the truth

If layoffs are on the horizon due to a change in strategy, resources, etc, LEADERS are able to articulate this; engage in authentic conversations

It’s cowardice to drop such news on employees and shows that you’ve NEVER valued welcoming and psychological safety AND erodes the trust of those “left behind”

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My friends at web agency Level Level repeated their ecommerce accessibility study from last year, checking how accessible the top 15 Dutch ecommerce sites are. They used a pragmatic, process-based approach to score the sites (eg “can I order”, “can I log in”, “can I pay” etc)
In almost half of them, you can only purchase stuff if you are able to use a mouse.

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are there any guides to nix that start from the bottom up (for example starting with this bash script and then working up the layers of abstraction) instead of from the top down?

all of the guides I've seen start by describing the nix programming language or other abstractions, and I'd love to see a guide that starts with concepts I already understand like compiler flags, linker flags, Makefiles, environment variables, and bash scripts

It appears I have been quiet promoted to “only person who understands the company aws infrastructure”

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re: Sex nonsense 

@nightjar Loaded with all the essentials

- Cbat

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Only at Page 11 and already the author suggests that one of the major reasons Mastodon isn't perfect yet is that its users and admins discourages businesses from advertising on it

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I feel like most of the google results I have been getting for weeks all look like they’ve been generated by AI. It’s so frustrating. The entire quality of information on the internet, such that it was before, is rapidly being lost.

Like, if I’m googling for the thing, it means I don’t know enough about it to confidently tell generated garbage from actual information.

Just today I was looking up how many carbs were in something and the TOP results definitely read like AI. Contradictions, rambling sentences, etc. There’s just a giant, growing shitpile of generated utter garbage that’s being churned out for ad views.

I genuinely worry for the future of the internet.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for domain registration now gandi has got bought up by a questionable company?

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My partner's streaming a hard techno set on Twitch using two Elektron Rytms, first time they've done anything like this, please come watch!

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If developers are going to “announce” their side projects they should at least be honest.

“Announcing thimbleFart, I ignored all of the research I did in thirty minutes about this and built a thing over a weekend. Not because I have any intent of supporting this half baked idea but I had a domain name laying around and wanted to feel special”

Food, cursed information 

Ok fell down a rabbit hole and found out some more info:

> Explaining the reasons why Marmite products could not previously be heschered Rabbi Conway said: "Bovril, which is an animal extract product, is made on the same site so there are some complicated halachic issues. A key point is that the 70g jar is packed on an all-kosher line."


So that explains why only the 70g jar is kosher, but not why it is not vegan

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all marketing training is basically focused on bullshit like finding out what time of day your audience is online rather than actually making a good post that people want to read, and it's entirely because they can sell you a product to spit out a chart saying people use instagram at precisely 6.34pm on a wednesday but a good post requires a good Poster

Food, cursed information 

Apparently marmite has different recipes for the different size containers of marmite. According to their website the 70g container is the only type that is vegetarian (all other sizes are vegan), and it is kosher whereas all other sizes are not.

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For the benefit of anyone in England 

Was just at the chemist, collecting my meds, and the people in front of me were paying a fortune on multiple prescriptions.

It's chronically underadvertised that this is not necessary. So I thought I'd throw in a reminder here in case anyone needs it.

If you pay for more than twelve prescriptions per year, a Prescription Prepayment Certificate WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. And it's a flat rate, so the same whether you get 13 scripts a year or 130. I save upwards of £200.

#health #NHS #CostOfLiving

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Seriously, fuck #OpenAI and their ilk and the people putting “#AI” garbage generators like #ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion out into the world.

I don’t care how funny it is as a toy to play around with or how convenient it may be in some applications. The harm far outweighs the usefulness and this entire type of technology deserves to be smashed to pieces.

It’s the capitalist paradigm of industrialized resource extraction applied to human creativity. It’s perverse.

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