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Brain is trash, yaml is hell, shitposting intensifies

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Still sad to have missed #FOSDEM, but all the pictures of packed auditoriums with 5-10% masking were 😰😞

Like, even before COVID we all got con flu so many times. Why wouldn't we deploy technological countermeasures. I don't get it.

I guess people still write security-sensitive software in C, so it makes sense.

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I am just feeling so tired and drained right now, spent a couple of weeks looking forward to something this weekend but now cannot find the motivation to care and trying to find excuses not to go

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it's interesting to me how excited some people on here (and elsewhere) seem to get about a statistical language model that blurts out sometimes-sensical stuff.

it's extra interesting how many of y'all treat it like a toy, as if the whole reason for its existence, and that of its ilk, is wealth transfer straight to the oligarch class.

There's literally jobs going away for many, many people thanks to companies trying to ride the #ChatGPT wave to sell other companies on the idea of having fewer mouths to feed (because humans are an inconvenience).

And honestly, we're just not prepared for it. None of us are, except the oligarchs who will just get richer. So all this to say, I'm kinda grossed out and disappointed when I see yet another techie ooh-ing and aahh-ing about "AI", because they've clearly not thought it through.

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which of the following two options is correct?

pls boost for reach 🙏🏻

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@corpsmoderne @arianvp the abilities of a toddler, the confidence of a mansplainer, the vocabulary of a thesaurus

what could go wrong

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Sad news. We’ve received notice to vacate our premises at Bethnal Green by the end of this week. As a property guardianship, we’ve always been aware that we may be asked to leave with very short notice. We’re disappointed that it has come so soon. ENTER, the creative hub with whom we share our space, have also been asked to leave. We’ll continue to operate in the digital world as we search for a new home.

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I find it pretty disingenuous when a company releases a project with much fanfare about it being “open source”, but if you look it actually used a license that prohibits use to create a competing SaaS — so not actually open source.

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Work, job things 

Part of me is thinking of potentially looking into moving into devops contracting when I leave current role, but there does seem to be so much to learn around business running for it

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Love that @maia ‘s article has caused the brain genius population of the orange website to collectively mentally shit the bed at the idea that pronouns aren’t a 1:1 relation with individuals.

HN logic:
“Everyone’s should be able to do <involved setup> instead of paying for <cheap service that does the same thing>” = total sense

“I use two sets of pronouns, one of which being ‘it’ “ = utterly incomprehensible, languages work like a parser and this does breaks it

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I was unfortunately made aware of this tweet today and it felt like a blast from the past. Y'know what I'm talking about: the old days when you'd get a PSD from a designer and build it. It's a real simplistic way of looking at front-end development so I thought I'd jot down what I do in that situation, hypothetically in definitely not a sub-tweet fashion.

To be clear, I am very much a designer who happened to ge

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OMG. It appears that no one at Swarovski was on the shady part of the Internet a few decades ago.

Or maybe someone pushed thru this design simply to allow customers to really express their feelings.

Either way, you should know about this before Valentines Day...especially if you receive one as a gift.

#Swarovski #Goatse

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well, i guess it's time to actually search for a job is my "please hire me, this is what i've done before" website, but the tl;dr is that i'm an experienced backend engineer with some sre, dba, and security bits for flavour

i'm ideally looking for remote work in us timezones, even though i work in the uk, and i'm especially looking for adhd friendly employers

and frankly, i'm really looking for coding/ic work, rather than yaml janitoring or k8s babysitting

Work, layoffs 

Well that’s spicy news, apparently company I work for is laying off people, probably time to start polishing up the CV and looking elsewhere (not in current round but probably only a matter of time at this point).

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weird that it needs to be said, but

we don't make friends with Nazis
we, don't make friends, with Nazis
we -dont- make friends with Nazis

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Centrists stop being cowards and just admit you are right wing challenge

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@FrazzledBrynn @doot the trouble with using cat power as a unit is that you also need to specify if it's "regular cat" or "cat trying to avoid being put in the carrier"


I think I have reached the point at current job where I no longer feel I can recommend it / link hiring posts to others that are looking, which is probably a sign that I need to start thinking of looking elsewhere

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