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Brain is trash, yaml is hell, shitposting intensifies

Work vent 

I am so tired of bullshit. Really looking forward to having a break. Only 5 days left this year

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waddling into a room filled with anarchists and communists and taking out my megaphone: HEY FOLKS HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GUY WE JUST HIRED? HE DID 15 YEARS OF SURVEILLANCE FOR POLICE IN THE UK, ISN'T THAT COOL?

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In those comments he’s literally saying that his goal is “brand recognition” for mastodon, so that people are more likely to sign up for mastodon instances over other different-looking federated instances

It’s literally the shit I talked about in that blog post, he’s actively trying to make people think the Fediverse is just mastodon and create growth at all costs

He’s also talking about servers “cooperating or competing” which holy fuck, no, Fediverse instances aren’t competing, no instance loses anything from someone choosing to use another instance

In a year he’ll probably remove that “g” from “gGmbH” and turn all the community work that went into this over all the years into his personal business in hope of making millions..

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If anyone tries to convince you that racism isn’t as bad in europe & acts like scandinavians live in some sort of utopian society, show them this:

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Confession about porn 

Sometimes I see a bit of a porn where a lady is really half-heartedly (or robotically) sucking a dick and I think, 'mate, oh no. That is just absolutely NOT how you suck a dick. Are you not embarrassed? You're a porn star, that's a dick! It's like Paul Hollywood on a baking show completely fucking up the bread round.'

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Is anyone else alive right now?
Fave for yes, boost for no


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YAML is the most popular language of the ML family

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A little known fact about the sugary treat, 'candy floss', is that it was actually named after Free Libre Open Source Software, or 'FLOSS'. that was used to run the early machines in which it was spun.
FLOSS was a clever name and acronym in itself, and came about because it was invented in the Florence region of Italy.

@tinker update, got better informed on what the organisation does so not defederating for now

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So probably going to defederate from later today (see recent boosts for reasons). Don’t think I will lose any followers but will lose a few people I have enjoyed following (@tinker especially)

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It's becoming clear to me that some parts of the fediverse may be incompatible with each other.

This is a feature and not a bug.

Everything on the fediverse is basically public... but people want to be themselves first and foremost here, and that isn't always compatible with the parts of fediverse where people are their professional selves and voices of their companies and acting under corporate (or state) interests.

The vast majority of the fediverse (that I see) is trans, female, catgirl, queer, and whilst it's a minority also black... sections of society that have repeatedly learned through experience that they are on the sharp ends of relationships in other social spaces and experience discrimination even here.

They are right not to trust, and to act defensively.

The feature is that each instance, each community, each individual... finally has control over moderation.

Defederation doesn't have to be justified to anyone, nor be a source of disappointment... defederation is a feature and not a bug.

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#FediBlock will be hosting the official account of CISA, The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, (part of Homeland Security).

My decision to block them and to call for more to as well will likely have serious professional repercussions for myself. However, this is an ACAB account, and the community I have here is one where "spot the fed" actually means something.

No feds on the fediverse.

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Please suggest: instances with non-white admins or mods 

I would like to be able to make recommendations to BIPOC who have been scared off by the (non)moderation of and some of the other bigger instances.

If you know of an instance where there are non-white people who are doing the moderation (and also that the moderation is good) please let me know.

Thank you, comrades! <3

@nova saw your post about the current infrastructure and was really interesting. Was just curious as to what monitoring software (apart from grafana) are you using currently?

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Gentle reminder to folks on other instances that fully content-warned nudes are not something you need to file any kind of moderation report for. Heck, photos of people tied up in jockstraps don't need CWs here. That's not an affront to human decency; that's "Tuesday".

I swear, so many "queer rights! ACAB!" people on Fedi would walk into a leather bar and immediately try to have people arrested for doing a rope scene or making out without obtaining consent from everyone in a 50-foot radius.

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fedi is inherently insecure and vulnerable to many types of attack. for instance, kaiju

Are the and instances creating access of twitter people (sometimes it seemswithout their knowledge) and scraping their tweets across?

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